Sprint Orders

Sprintorders is an order fulfillment service that helps merchants and manufacturers to manage their orders seamlessly, timely, and efficiently. The service provides online, end-to-end solution for ordering, inventory management, warehousing, and customer’s deliveries. We serve merchants (both online and in-store), manufacturers, distributors, and e-commerce platforms.

We also work with warehouse owners who can rent their space to our merchants, our platform matches between the storage demand and supply. Warehouses need to be registered and become SprintCargo certified before been linked up with our merchants for warehousing needs.

Both merchants and warehouse owners must create an account and be provided with account log in access to our line portal. Sprintorders is a service owned and operated by Sprinters Logistics, a logistics company offering end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions

We offer courier services, freight and transportation services, storage and warehousing, retail logistics, healthcare logistics, cargo brokerage, humanitarian logistics, moving and international shipping. For more details visit www.sprinters.co.tz


Visit website :https://www.sprintorders.co.tz