About Us

Technology homesite brings forward years of knowledge and experience and utilizes them to provide its clients with value-added benefits.
Technology homesite consulting services help companies recognize the optimum opportunities for using advanced mobile and software technologies in streamlining their business processes and provides comprehensive training for use of its solutions.


medson naftali

Medson naftali

Founder & CEO

He is the man behind Technology Homesite's success. A visionary CEO motivates the continuous growth of an organization and serves clients globally in a highly technology-based world. He put together his vision and efforts to transform businesses with strategies and various activities to fully leverage the opportunities and changes of digital.


To become the leading-edge technology provider in the East Africa and the whole Africa by creating high quality products and services and partnering with the most renowned technology providers in order to fulfil our client’s expectations and achieve measurable competitive advantage.


To become an indispensable partner to our client’s by offering and managing the finest assortment of vendors and service providers in the field of Information technology combined with localized, best practices and service excellence.